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Day 36: Page 36

It's been a while since I've had time to post here. I've figured it up and we've been working on Project 2010 (or The Write Project) for 36 days. That means we should each have 36 pages written. How are we doing?

Take a second to look back over the last month and figure out where you could have squeezed in some writing time. I know that I've been saying I'm too busy and don't have time. But is that really true? Or are there some wasted moments in the day that could have been seized as writing time? I'm going to reflect over my first month, what about you?

Day 10, Page 10

Ten pages. That's how many you should have written if you're keeping up.

Personally, if you're somewhere near that, then I think you're doing good.

Thought you could use some inspiration to keep going.

A Dose of Inspiration:

How's it going? What are you doing to keep yourself inspired and plowing forward?

Day 6, Page 6

How are you coming on your project for 2010? Are you on or off the track?

No Writing Tip or Daily Dose of Inspiration because today you get a poll!!!

Thanks for filing it out and as always, use the comments section (:

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Day 5, Page 5

How's it coming? Are you on Page 5? Are you finding yourself making the page a day a habit?

A Writing Tip
So, I sat down and thought about what to do today for a writing tip. And here's what I came up with. I shared my writing tip yesterday, so I thought it would be neat if you guys shared a writing tip of your own. What helps you out? Share with the group in the comments. I'll post them up tomorrow for all to see. (:

Day 4, Page 4

It's Day 4. What have you been up to?

Today's the first day back to work or school for many after a break. The new year is officially starting and plates are beginning to fill up as people try to balance their previous life with the new resolutions they've made.

How do we fit writing into all of that? That is what each of us has to figure out and unfortunately it's different for everyone. So, I bring you a tip from yours truly today.

A Writing Tip
Take several days in a row and time yourself while you are writing your page of the day. Then, put the times together and see if there's a pattern. Do you always take the same amount of time to write? Use the information you gather from this to determine how much time could be set aside each day for writing.

Another tip: Plan ahead. If you're on a roll, then keep writing. Exceeding your page of the day will give you cushion for the bumps ahead.

How's it going so far? 

Day 3, Page 3

It's Day 3. How many pages have you written? Are you ahead or behind?

With the weather only getting colder, I thought I'd share the following with you. You can always adjust it to your needs.

A Writing Tip (from http://www.monicawood.com/tips.html)

Make yourself a "writing kit" for the long, cold winter to come. Here are the ingredients (doing this in a group is more effective and loads of fun):

1. A huge list of words you love, either for their sound, meter, meaning...

2. A list of 10 questions, headed "How." Example: How do they train monkeys to assist the handicapped? How does one interview for a toll-collector job?

3. A list of 10 questions, headed "Why." Example: Why did my aunt paint her house that color? Why did a woman like Sarah marry a man like Mike? Why do Sundays always feel so sad?

4. A list of 10 "pairings." With a friend, put together three columns: People; Places; Situations. In each column, write 10 items. (People: a priest, a hockey player, a hotel clerk, a little boy, a Russian doctor. Places: a park bench, the United Nations building, a backseat, the produce aisle. Situations: a burning house, a stolen suitcase, a bounced check, a betrayed secret. Taking items randomly from these columns, put together a list of 10 pairings. Examples: A priest meets a hockey game; a Russian doctor's house is burning down; a hotel clerk finds a stolen suitcase...

5. A list of 10 titles of stories you'd like to read or write.

This little packet of stuff should help you jumpstart a laggardly writing session. Grab a word to fix a sentence, a pairing to begin a story, a "why" to deepen character, a "how" to embark on a research project, a title to get started.

There's more tips at her site if you're looking for inspiration. =)

Share your tears and joys in the comments!

Day 2, Page 2

It's day 2! How's your pages coming?

Are you using the weekend to get ahead or is it your time to take a break?

Daily Dose of Inspiration:
"Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning:  I wanted to know what I was going to say."  ~Sharon O'Brien

We're trying to make writing into a process - simple one page a day process. Don't sit down and wonder about what you want to write; sit down and wonder about where you're going to go today.

Good luck! Share your joys and tears in the comments.


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Day 1, Page 1

Today's the start of the Project 2010 challenge!

Start the year off right by writing one page on your novel.

If you're not quite ready to dive in full force just yet, take a baby step and write a page of backstory or character description. Get your mind moving.

You should have one page written by the end of today. How'd you do? Share your tears or joys in the comments!

Daily Dose of Inspiration:

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Welcome to Project 2010 (An Explanation)

Welcome to project 2010, which I have also dubbed The Write Project.

What is project 2010?
Project 2010 is a writing project that I have chosen to embark on in the year 2010. I have committed to writing a page a day (on the same work) until the end of the year. By doing this, I hope to have a completed novel within a year.

Why only one page a day?
Currently, my life is very busy and there seems to be little to no room for writing. However, writing is a great stress reliever for me and I enjoy doing it as much as possible. I am already working on several other writing projects with my sister. However, there were all these new ideas flitting around in my head - some of which would not be quiet. So, I decided to commit to one of them for the new year, but I had to keep it manageable. That's where one page a day comes in. One page is only about 250 words, which seems like a reasonable goal that can be accomplished even on a busy day. That's a twenty minute break from doing something else.

Do I have to post my story somewhere?
You do not have to post your story anywhere. In fact, I don't know yet if I'm going to publicly post my project anywhere.

What is the purpose of this community? 
The purpose of this community is comradarie. I would like for it to be a place where those participating (and those curious ones) offer advice and help to one another. It can be used for getting over humps, posting accomplishments, or just finding a shoulder to lean on. It can be used however it needs to be used. The only "rule" is that you keep it (somewhat) writing related.

It's after January 1st, can I still participate?
You can join in on the fun anytime you want! Of course, the later you join in, the less pages you will probably have at the end of the year. But, you'll still have more than you started with!

Am I limited to a page a day?
No! Don't stop the writing from flowing. Write more than a page a day if you're on a roll. Just try to write at least a page a day if you want to reach the goal.

This is meant to be fun and exciting. Do not let it bog you down and feel free to adjust it at any point if you need too.

Having lots of success with something? Share it! We'd love to hear what works for you!